Servo Hospitality School is accredited by CTH, United Kingdom; OTHM, United Kingdom & THSC, India. Come and be a part of Servo Hospitality School, where we shape the future, redefine possibilities and settle you in International Hospitality for life.

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Best Hotel Management Colleges in Uttarakhand

Best Hotel Management Colleges in Uttarakhand

If you’re aspiring to build a successful career in the hospitality industry, finding the right educational institution is crucial. Among the Best Hotel Management Colleges in Uttarakhand, Servo Hospitality School stands out for its commitment to excellence and innovative approach to hospitality education. Established in 2018 in the picturesque city of Dehradun, Servo IHM has quickly earned a reputation as one of the premier institutions in the region.

Affiliations & Accreditations

Servo Hospitality School’s programs are internationally recognized, ensuring that students receive top-notch education aligned with global standards:

1. OTHM, United Kingdom (UK): Accredited by OTHM, UK, Servo IHM guarantees rigorous academic standards and industry relevance.
2. CTH (Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality): Affiliated with CTH, the institute offers qualifications that are highly respected in the hospitality and tourism sectors.
3. NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation): Recognition by NSDC underscores the institute’s dedication to skill development and vocational training.

These affiliations ensure that Servo IHM is among the Best HM Colleges in Uttarakhand, offering internationally benchmarked education.

Top Courses Offered

Servo Hospitality School provides a variety of courses  to prepare students for successful careers in hospitality. Here are some of the top programs:

1. International Foundation Diploma: This comprehensive program offers a robust foundation in hospitality management and related disciplines.
2. International Graduate Diploma: Designed for those aiming for leadership roles, this advanced diploma equips students with essential managerial skills.
3. CTH Program: Specialized courses endorsed by CTH, focusing on tourism, hospitality, and culinary arts.
4. Bakery & Patisserie: A practical course dedicated to the art and science of baking, pastry-making, and confectionery.
5. Culinary Arts: This program provides hands-on training in culinary techniques and kitchen management, perfect for aspiring chefs.

These diverse programs ensure that Servo IHM offers the Best HM Course in Uttarakhand for every hospitality enthusiast.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Servo Hospitality School is equipped with modern facilities to enhance the learning experience:

1. Smart Classes: Interactive learning sessions facilitated by advanced technology.
2. Caboose – The Culinary Studio:
A fully-equipped kitchen for practical culinary training.
3. Training Restaurant & Bar: A simulated environment for real-world food and beverage service experience.
4. Training Partner, Ramada Dehradun: Collaboration with Ramada Dehradun provides students with valuable industry exposure and hands-on training.

These facilities make Servo IHM a leading choice among the Best Hotel Management Colleges in Uttarakhand.

International Partnerships

Servo Hospitality School has established strategic partnerships with prestigious institutions in Europe to offer pathway programs in International Hospitality Management:

1. Mediterranean College, Greece
2. IMI, Switzerland
3. HTMi, Switzerland

These partnerships offer students opportunities for academic exchange, cultural immersion, and global networking, enhancing their educational experience and career prospects in the international hospitality industry.


When it comes to the Best HM Colleges in Uttarakhand, Servo Hospitality School is a standout institution. With its world-class affiliations, diverse course offerings, state-of-the-art facilities, and international partnerships, Servo IHM is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of hospitality leaders. Whether you’re looking for the Best HM Course in Uttarakhand or aiming to study at one of the Best Hotel Management Colleges in Uttarakhand, Servo Hospitality School is the place to be.

Embark on your journey towards a successful career in hospitality with Servo IHM, where education meets excellence.

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